AI Governance Forum 2019

23 March, 2019, Geneva, Switzerland


What is AI Governance Forum?

Building Trust in Artificial Intelligence

The AI Governance Forum is a multi-stakeholders platform, open to all interested parties and dedicated to build Human-Trust in AI for the benefit of all. Stakeholders can be from public or private sector, scientific community and civil society. The AI Governance Forum considers each stakeholder as equal partner to the discussion.

The AI Governance Forum is based on the conviction that a collective intelligence process enhances cooperation over competition and is an essential component to manage the AI impact on our society. The AI Governance Forum aims at tackling the concerns and challenges raised by AI on ethics, safety and security, data handling and bias, regulations, accountability, transparency, privacy, and impact on workforce. It contribute to build an open artificial intelligence for the benefit of all.

The AI Governance Forum is supported by the Federal Office of Communications OFCOM of the Swiss Confederation.


Raja Chatila

Chair of the IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems and Professor of Robotics and Ethics at Pierre and Marie Curie University, (Paris, France)

Karine Perset

Administrator on Digital Economy and Artificial Intelligence Policy in the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation (Paris, France)

Thomas Wiegand

Chair of the IUT / WHO Focus Group on Healthcare in AI and Professor in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin (Germany)

Joanna Bryson

Professor at University of Bath (UK)

Martin Jaggi

Professor at EPFL (Switzerland)

Carmela Troncoso

Professor at EPFL (Switzerland)

Florimond Houssiau

Researcher at Imperial College London (UK)

Marko Groblenik

OECD AIGO Sub-Group of Experts & AI Lab @ Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia)

Michèle Loi

Researcher at the University of Zurich (Switzerland)

Sacha Alanoca

AI Policy Researcher & Program Manager at The Future Society (London, UK)

Maël Pégny

Lecturer at the Ecole Polytechnique and ENSTA Paris Tech (France)

El Mahdi El Mhamdi

Researcher at EPFL (Switzerland)

Henry Lieberman

Research Scientist at MIT (USA)

Friedhelm Hummel

Professor at EPFL (Switzerland)

Florian Evéquoz

Professor at HES-SO (Switzerland)

Juha Heikkilä

Head of Unit, Robotics, Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content and Technology at European Commission

Minyue Dong

Professor at HEC and Director of China Economies and Financial Center at University of Lausanne (Switzerland)


Fondation Brocher

471 Route d’Hermance – CP 21
1248 Hermance

Practical Information

Situated to the north of Geneva, the village of Hermance is close to the Geneva International Airport and the Geneva Train Station, and is easily accessible via public transport.

Reaching Hermance


The easiest way to get into Hermance is to take the Bus 10 from the Airport and stop at “Rive”. Then, change in Rive to take the Bus E heading for Hermance (bus stop just in front of the “Starbucks Coffee”) and stop at “Triaz”, right in front of the foundation.

Train & Bus

The journey from Airport to Geneva main station, Cornavin, takes 5 minutes; then take Bus 8 heading for “Veyrier-Douane”. Change in Rive to take the Bus E heading for Hermance (bus stop just in front of the “Starbucks Coffee”) and stop at “Triaz”, right in front of the foundation.


With a taxi, it takes around 45 minutes to reach the Foundation.

It costs around 90 CHF.

Please note that the Geneva public transportation is free for all incoming passengers. At the airport, please take a free ticket from the machine, valid 90 minutes (located in the luggage collection hall, just on the left of the customs); the bus driver requires both your free bus ticket and flight ticket. This concerns all the public transportation (bus and train).

Tickets & Pricing

CHF 250
Organizations | Companies
  • Full day conference, lunch, and aperitif included.